About us

We are a team of artists with a profound love for photography. Our one passion is to depict the world and the nature around us, as we see it, through our unique point of view. Each click is an effort to convey what the sight before us means to us and what it makes us feel. That is why we consider an image to be perfect not when the frame or the contrast is "correct" but when it helps the viewer get a glimpse through our own eyes.

We have been involved in the world of photography for over 20 years. For us, a camera is more like an extension of our bodies, like an extra limb perhaps. We look at the world through the lens but we do not let the lens itself direct. It is there mostly to immortalize what our own eyes see. 

We are Greek, born and raised on a heavenly Ionian island. It was only natural that the dramatic scenery of this island would be the first source of inspiration and the protagonist in our portfolio. The island itself offered the sight and allowed for our passion to be morn and then expand.